If you’d like to sign up with Inosio to pay your rent online, please contact us:
239 481 5959 ext. 3 or
Pepitone Properties Corp., as your property manager, will pay the fees (ACH only thru your bank account) associated with utilizing the On-Line payment portal on our website – Inosio – up to the stated payment limit of $17,500.00.

This FREE service will not only simplify your payment experience, but also INSURE payments from all future increases in dues, rent or water billing amounts. Other fees (electric, late, legal, WO etc.) will be timely paid once you set up your account. After you create your account using an email address, all additional accounts for each unit you own could be easily added automatically under the same email address. We will send you invoices as billed, showing the charges.

Please note the system is set up to pay all amounts only and no other option is available.

We work hard to make it easier for you.

Thank You. Staff @ Pepitone

ACH$2.95Up to $7,499
 $4.95$7,500 – $11,999
 $6.95$12,000 – $14,999
 $9.95$15,000 – $17,500
Debit Card$4.950 – $499
 $6.95$500 – $1,199
 $9.95$1,200 – $1,999
Credit or Debit Card3.5%Over $2,500