Bayfront Health ER, urgent care facility set to open in north Cape Coral this spring

Reporter: Breana Ross

Bayfront Health’s new emergency room and urgent care facility is set to be operational this spring off Del Prado Boulevard and Kismet Parkway in north Cape Coral.

More cars on the road and more homes in the area are both signs to Cape Coral neighbors their city is growing.

“Well, the traffic for sure, but just the amount of houses that are just popping up everywhere,” Alex Fite said.

“It’s blooming now,” Tony Buscemi said.

That’s why neighbors are happy they will have another option to get lifesaving care this spring in case of an emergency. Bayfront Health’s standalone ER and urgent care facility will help provide more immediate services to community members in a growing area.

“I think it’s terrific,” Michael Reidy said. “When you think about all the people who are moving to this area between the Cape, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, I think we need more of these medical facilities.”

“If there is more people, they have more medical needs,” Fite said. “To have these pop up as maybe an alternative to the hospital, which is a very lengthy if you’ve ever been to the ER to wait there.”

The new center comes at a time when there is extra stress on hospitals.

“I would imagine it would take the strain off a little bit off of Cape Coral Hospital,” Reidy said. “People are putting off sometimes procedures and things like that. So if there is another facility, and they feel more comfortable, it’s maybe not as crowded as some of the other ones I think people are going to use it.”

Construction is underway. Workers are putting on the finishing touches to make sure the doors to the emergency center open soon, and more people have access to crucial care.

The center costs approximately $976,000 to build. Bayfront Health says it plans to announce soon exactly what services the center will offer.

“You are more comfortable going to a center care than you are going to the hospital, so it takes a lot of pressure off the hospital,” Buscemi said.

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