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  • Fort Myers Named Best Place for Retirees to Live and Work in the US in 2020

    Retirement means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about lounging on a beach, hitting the links or taking the boat out on the lake. Others are focused on finding a place that balances safety, affordability and healthcare access. And some people will plan to keep working in retirement, at least part time: A 2019 study from the AARP found that more than 20% of people 65 and older are working or looking for work, compared with just 10% in 1985. With these priorities in mind, SmartAsset set out to find the best places in America for retirees to live and work.


    Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Fort Myers is the best place in America for retirees to live and work. It is especially strong in the tax department, with a senior tax burden of just 13.59%. (This number estimates the total sales tax and income tax the average senior will pay.) In terms of activities for seniors, there are many museums and science centers in the city. It’s also a good baseball town: The Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins hold their spring training in Fort Myers, and the city is also home to the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels Class-A minor league team. Fort Myers is fairly affordable in terms of housing: Housing costs are just 22.44% of average retirement income, 25th on this list. The city does have fairly high unemployment for seniors, at 5.6%, so that is something to be mindful of if you want to work in retirement.

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